25.8.2020 – Kauko Oy and Intechso Oy have signed a cooperation agreement for the delivery of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for industry and healthcare

In the Nordic countries, Intechso Oy represents the world’s first smart glass developed and intended for industrial and healthcare use by the American Realwear Inc., model name HMT-1. In addition to Realwear smart devices and these accessories, Intechso Oy represents products from various software manufacturers, which are used as part of total solutions for industry and healthcare. Examples of such software include software for remote support, maintenance, and the use of IoT data.

“In demanding conditions, the utilization of new technologies is today a prerequisite for a more efficient and smooth everyday life. HMT-1 adds to our already strong expertise and portfolio in providing hardware, software and services to top professionals and businesses. ” says Juha Rytkönen, President and CEO of Kauko Oy.

“It’s great to have a strong partner like Kauko in the area of ​​new technology,” describes Matti Vappula of Intechso Oy. “I believe that the use of AR technology in industry and healthcare will increase significantly,” Vappula continues. The HMT-1 enables real-time video and audio transmission from demanding industrial and healthcare facilities and enables remote support to be provided to places where access is restricted, for example for security reasons.